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Available 47 Rooms
Capacity 3 persons
Total Area 53㎡(16 pyung)
Description Studio, 1 Bath
Area(㎡) Regular Member Premium Member Discount Non-member
Weekday Weekday Individual Corporate
Weekday Weekday Weekday Weekday
53 ₩46,000 ₩61,000 ₩34,000 ₩42,000 ₩39,000 ₩48,000 ₩200,000
(VAT not included)
Type Gentry 16 Noble 21 Duke 26 Prince 31 Royal 35
Gentry 16 - ₩10,000 ₩20,000 ₩20,000 ₩30,000
Noble 21 - - ₩10,000 ₩10,000 ₩20,000
Duke 26 - - - - ₩10,000
Prince 31 - - - - ₩10,000
Type Fee Charge Details
Additional Guest Reported : ₩5,000 per guest
Unreported : ₩7,000 per guest
Up to 2 additional guests may be admitted with additional charge Additional amenities are not provided.
Additional bed (1set) ₩5,000
Late Checkout Fee Member ~4pm ₩5,000/hr
Non-member ~4pm ₩10,000/hr
- Check-in Time : Starting at 2pm on Day of Arrival.(Peak Season: Starting at 3pm on Day of Arrival)
- Check-out Time : By Noon, day of Departure.(Peak Season: By 11am, day of Departure)
- Please Contact 033)633-0100 for more information.
1. Self-inspection before check-out is recommended for guest convenience.
2. Please clean the ventilation, kitchen, and room amenities for the next guest.
3. Please recycle cans and bottles and sort it out with food waste when disposing trash.
4. Report any damaged property or amenities when returning room key to the front desk.
For lost and found call: 033)633-0100

1. Acquired items kept at the Front Desk are delivered(C.O.D-Collect on Delivery) after stay and item is verified.
2. Please note of any items left behind before Check-out
Guest Etiquette

1. Debauchery, drinking, and loud noises are strictly prohibited within the guest rooms. Guests may be asked to leave if they are deemed a disturbance to other guests.
2. Please maintain a reasonable calm and quiet demeanor in public areas within the resort.
3. Portable stoves and other hazardous items are prohibited in guest rooms.
4. Room amenities are not permitted to be taken outside the guest rooms.
5. Please refrain from late night strolls or outdoor games after midnight for safety reasons.
6. The Host member is responsible for any Damage/Loss of property during a guest’s stay.
7. Pets are prohibited within guest rooms.